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The website is a collaborative effort to shed light on the king of Alpine rivers and promote knowledge exchange among actors interested about or involved with the river. The website is a starting point and aims at integrating knowledge (e-library) and building a network of stewards of the Tagliamento (e-community, form below).

This website has been funded by WWF Germany in the framework of the project “Living Rivers” which is financed by the German Postcode Lottery. WWF Germany is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan and legal foundation under civil law based in Berlin. The living-rivers-project aims at preserving the last stretches of near-natural river ecosystems (mainly in Germany) and at regaining free flowing rivers by removing barriers. The funding has been dedicated to the development of the website, while all local contributors and curators have worked in-kind.

The structure and content has been curated by Anna Scaini (Stockholm University & Bolin Centre for Climate Research) and Chiara Scaini (OGS), in cooperation with WWF Germany, and developed by Laudo. Local initiatives and organizations operating on the river have been involved in developing the website. A huge thank you to all people who volunteered their time to be involved. A full list of involved organizations is available here. You can add yourself by clicking e-community.

The website is designed to meet different types of users. Locals may find it useful to locate information related to the river written in plain language, as well as promoting the river as a unicum of international relevance. Anybody can access the e–library and share their material. Local stakeholders will be able to find layman information about current trends for river management and updated, relevant context to inform their peers.

Anybody can add to the e-library. Moreover, you can add yourself to a list to indicate interest in the river as a steward of the Tagliamento river.

It is an online community that you can join by filling in a simple form including your name and email. You can let us know a bit more about you so we can develop a program that takes into account the voice of those who care for the Tagliamento river. Would you like to be a steward of the Tagliamento? Are you part of an association or a company that cares for the Tagliamento river? You can reach out via the form.

The eLibrary is not intended for events and references to services and companies. However, events related to the Tagliamento can be published in our event calendar. If you would like to support our website and eLibrary, please contact tagliamento@gmail.com.

Before your suggested link or content is included in the eLibrary, it will be checked by one of our curators. In this way, we want to ensure that the link or material corresponds to the purpose of the eLibrary and check whether you also have the necessary rights (copyright). If there are any uncertainties, a curator will contact you if necessary and possibly request changes.

Once added to the library, entries can only be deleted upon request by a curator. If you want to delete one of your entries, please contact us at tagliamento@gmail.com.

The preferred file type for texts is PDF, for scans and images JPG or PNG. Datasets are ideally provided in open document formats, XLSX  or CSV, and geographic data as GeoPackage (GPKG). Multiple files belonging to one set of data (e.g. a collection of images, tables, or geographic data) should be uploaded as ZIP archive. Links can be any type of URL, for example, an HTTP link to a website, a DOI, a link to an FTP- or a database server.

Any kind of information or data that is copyrighted and you have no rights otherwise cannot be included directly in the eLibrary. However, you may provide a Link to the original source.

Yes, the information provided by the eLibrary is free of cost. However, the original material (e.g., an article or access to a database) might not be not open access. You will then meet a paywall, be asked for authentication, or even be denied full access. Here, the eLibrary can only serve as a search engine.

Data from external data and information providers (e.g., publishers) are not always available free of charge or only accessible for certain user groups (e.g., members of universities) and may require corresponding rights. In this case, the eLibrary only provides the relevant metadata and a link to the service provider.

Involved organizations

We hearthwarmingly thank all those who contributed to this web page, in particular
Giosuè Cuccurullo, Eugenio Novajra, Roberto Pizzutti and Tiziano Fiorenza.

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Would you like to be a steward of the Tagliamento? Are you part of an association or a company that cares for the Tagliamento? Let us know a bit more about you, so we can develop a program that takes into account the voice of those who care for the Tagliamento river.

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