The Ospedaletto water intake

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Credits: Eugenio Novajra
Credits: Eugenio Novajra

The Ospedaletto water intake plan is one of the main infrastructures on the Tagliamento. It was constructed at the beginning of 1900 and since then extracts water from the river.

The river’s stream suffers strong variations during the year. This is only partially due to its hydrological characteristics. In fact, this is exacerbated by human impacts, in particular water intake for human use (e.g. industry, agriculture). This leads to long periods in which the river is almost dry.

The confluence of the Fella tributary and the Tagliamento during the dry season. Credits: Eugenio Novajra

Water extracted from the river is mainly used for industrial, agricultural or urban purposes. In the last decades, the water consumption strongly increased while the water stream decreased, leading to a potential threats for the fluvial ecosystem.