The Pinzano stretch

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Credits: Eugenio Novajra
Credits: Eugenio Novajra

The Pinzano stretch offers one of the most breathtaking views of the river, and is the location of the planned flood defense infrastructure. From Mount Ragogna/MUris, the Tagliamento is first seen as it emerges from the prealps before widening out into the large braided channels. Here, flood retention infrastructure is planned, with potential impacts on the river.

The area is home to numerous paths of great naturalistic and historical value. There are also two castles, in Ragogna and Pinzano, one of which is very well preserved, which offer a wonderful view of the river.

Credits: Eugenio Novajra
Ragogna Castle, Credits: Eugenio Novajra

In ancient times, there was a boat passage at this point that was used to cross the river. Today these places are frequented by hikers and offer numerous cultural and recreational activities (e.g. kayaking, cycling).

Old picture of the Tagliamento river, credits: Franco Scaini