The stewards of the Tagliamento

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River stewardship is a way of taking action to take care of what we love. The term refers to a set of behaviours to show care for our river.

River stewardship programs are active all around the world to allow locals of rivers to engage in activities that can preserve their river, while they also learn about it and in some cases help scientific advances. What does the river steward do? They act as an information resource to river users and the general public, create awareness, help people to identify good behaviour, and in some cases educate others.

As part of our effort to build a community who cares for the Tagliamento river and its nature, we are starting a program of stewards of the river Tagliamento. For now, we would like to know how you see your potential role as stewards of the river, to coordinate efforts among grassroot initiatives and promote exchange.

Credits: Stefano Pittaro

What are you doing to take care of the Tagliamento river? Let us know here and sign up for future coordinated efforts!

In the future, we would like to launch a River Stewardship program in collaboration with grassroot organisations. The program will be dedicated to sharing knowledge and learning about the river through the people who are trying to preserve it.

Among the cool things that a river stewardship program can do, there is:

  • Educate river users. About the river ecosystem, its importance in regulating floods, and the relevance of preserving it also for endemic species, both aquatic and terrestrial. Do you work with schools, or talk to tourists or locals about the river? 
  • Use water better. The way we use water can have a direct impact on the river. How did you change your practices to use less water?  
  • Avoid litter, pick litter. It is important to take care of what we love, even by just picking up trash. If you’re a nature guide, do you exhort your clients to pick up at least a piece of trash when you are on the river? Set a goal to leave it better every time you enjoy the river.
  • Be kind. It is not easy to communicate good behaviour in a casual yet convincing way. We can all learn together …

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