The singing river

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'Tagliamento', from a proto Indo European root 'Tali Mu', means big brother: this project is dedicated to our big brother, the last wild river in the Alps, the king of Alpine rivers.

In Friuli you can clearly feel the deep bond of its inhabitants with the river that cuts the landscape in two, but at the same time unifies all the people who love it under the same intent.

Il Fiume Che Canta, “The river that sings”, was born from the close link between the physical and spiritual morphology of the Tagliamento river and the principle of partnership. There is a substance that flows on the surface, digs channels, transports gravel, stones, sand; and another that travels underground, under the riverbed. The project aims to enhance the territory along the Tagliamento river and the holistic development of the human person, through reconnection with oneself and the natural environment, rediscovering the link between what is invisible (our deepest being) and what is visible (experiences in close contact with nature, the territory, food and wine).

Credits: Mina Carfora

Just as the river is characterized by intertwined branches, the various activities of the project are intertwined in the same way, all coming from a single source. The source of this idea is represented by what the river suggests to us: the concept of awakening and connection with nature, the surrounding area and its traditions.

Credits: Mina Carfora

Thanks to the poetics of the river, the project involves the cultural, artistic, ethnographic, Slow tourism, non formal education and event organization sectors and takes shape through outdoor experiences along the river. We started in Edition I with the creation of the river soundtrack. In edition II, however, we focused on the transmission of memories. The third edition will feature the spun and historical plot of this magnificent territory.

Credits: Mina Carfora