The Tagliamento upper course

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The source of the Tagliamento is located along the road that leads to the Mauria Pass, at 1,195 m above sea level, near Forni di Sopra and in the area of the Friulian Dolomites. The first part of its course is characterized by a succession of valley confluences, which determine its morphology.

Credits: Eugenio Novajra

In the first stretch, the Tagliamento is fed by numerous tributaries, which are small at first (e.g. Tòr, Fossiana, Giaf and Tollina streams) and subsequently larger (e.g. Degano, But and Fella). Despite the numerous tributaries, the flow of the Tagliamento is often irregular due to many factors, both natural (for example, the irregularity of rainfall and surface water supplies) and anthropogenic (for example, withdrawals from the riverbed).